This is where we ended our U.S. romp and it was a great place to finish. We made some incredible new friends and gave our taste buds one last jiggle.

Again, this was somewhere that i never really associated with great food. All i knew about Seattle was that people were very in to the Seahawks and that the sea-food was pretty good.

I must start with the best burger that i have ever eaten in a restaurant (In n Out, you are still the best fast food burger). The burger i am talking about was put together in a real neat little place called Von’s. I had come across this place online and initially thought it would be a great place for drinks (the full name of the place is Von’s 1000 Spirits). They do, indeed have the most insane amount of spirits behind their bar.

I get the feeling this place is a bit of a Seattle institution. Inside, there were businessmen, families and students.

I had the Brown Sugared Peach Manhattan and it was everything i could have wished for..and more. After a sip, i knew i needed food.

I cannot articulate just how good this burger was. It was simply a classic that had been executed perfectly. If you visit anywhere for food in Seattle..this place is it.


We also sampled some of the gorgeous seafood that Seattle had on offer. We were not disappointed. First off there was Elliott’s Oyster House. A lovely, laid-back restaurant situated right by the water (always a winner). We must have had 3 rounds of oysters paired with some gorgeous sparkling wine.


Just looking back at that photograph makes me wanna hop, skip and jump right back to that moment. It was beautiful.

Sticking with the seafood theme, we also had some fantastic sushi at Japonessa. I loved the vibe of the place, there was a real mix of people and i thought the value for money was excellent. I have got to say, this really blew me away. I know that sushi snobs will grimace at sweetcorn on sushi but i give zero fucks. IT WAS SPLENDID. Haters, be gone.



I will leave you with a shot of the prettiest drinking hole i have ever visited- Unicorn Bar. It’s not for everyone but i loved the camp-ness. I cannot wait to get back to Seattle.




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