Okay. Can we talk about how ridiculously good the food scene is in Austin?! Of all of my U.S posts, this one will probably be the hardest to create. There was just SO much.

I stayed just off Rainey Street and didn’t actually move too far from there the whole week i was in Austin. Me and my husband were visiting family  and didn’t actually have huge expectations when it came to food.

The weather was beautiful the entire time we were there and we heard lots of great live music. I wish London was this cool!

On arrival, there was only one thing i wanted. Was it BBQ? No. I know, WHAT? We heard that there was an In n Out in Austin and we lost our shit. The best burger chain. Every time we are in California it is a ritual. It’s the first place we visit straight off a long haul flight. I nearly cried with happiness when i saw online that there was one in Austin.

The one great constant in life:


So you’re probably thinking, “Austin, good BBQ?”

I would say ‘EPIC BBQ” surprisingly, my favourite dish at Freedmen’s was not a juicy rib. It was vegetarian! I KNOW. The smoked beets really put me in a spin.

I am no pro food photographer, but COME ON:


The meat was amazing, too. Every time i eat BBQ down south in America i am left savouring every bite, wishing that somewhere in London would produce something as good. I’ve not yet found anywhere that comes close.


I would say the sweet treats were on par with the savoury, for sure. We tracked down a great little dessert spot on the side of the freeway NEXT TO A GYM (only in Austin). Oh my god. The creamiest, most delicious sundae i have ever eaten. You cannot miss this place when you’re in Austin. Cow Tipping Creamery.


I have got to say the best food i ate on my Austin trip, was at Torchy’s. It’s a tex-mex place (i know, i know, hear me out), in London we cannot do tex-mex. It’s sloppy crap with bad ingredients put together with no thought or love. This place is different. I’m no food snob. This is just simple, delicious food. The kind that i would love to be able to eat after a couple of drinks back in Essex. Sadly, i know this will probably never be a reality.

The shrimp tacos were another level good. We ate here 3 times on our trip, and i regret that we didn’t go back for a fourth.


I need to get back here VERY soon. Can you reccomend any other great places in Austin for m inevitable trip back?



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